LNS Recruitment is an established business est. 2013 and we are eager to continue our reputation by providing a service built on high standards, reliability, and value-for-money for our clients sometimes at a moments notice to ensure our clients have the labour they require on the project. 

LNS Recruitment combines the experience of thirty-collective years of working in the Construction industry with over 8 years of Construction Recruitment understanding and know-how. We believe it is our unique blend of knowledge and involvement that makes us the perfect choice for all your recruitment needs.

Our main priority is to get the right person in the right job. We understand the need for qualified, competent, and hard-working personnel that will hit the ground running. Just like in other areas of the industry, we want to build our reputation on word-of-mouth and the high regard of our peers. At LNS Recruitment, business may be business, but it is creating partnerships and lasting working-relationships that will determine our success - and we’d like you to be a part of that. 

LNS Recruitment are able to offer competitive and flexible terms of payment on our personnel that work for you and your business; along with our account management, and credit limit options - we aim to meet your requests in every way.

If you choose to use our services, the first step will be signing our Terms & Conditions, which, if you would like to proceed in conducting business with us, we can send through to you. Once completed, we will have a credit-limit approved on the fixed cost of labour you require over an agreed period - if we are unable to secure a credit-limit, we are happy to continue with our business agreement, but only on a pro-forma basis. In the mean-time, our recruitment consultants will secure the labour you need, and deal with the finer points so, come the day you need them, you'll have the guys you need ready to work on site. 

If you'd like to talk about your labour needs or find out a little bit more about what we supply, and what we can do for you - then call us today. Need personnel? Talk to LNS Recruitment first. 

Why use LNS Recruitment Limited ?

  • We can offer flexible payment terms
  • We are small enough to care about every operative we supply and large enough to cope with all requirements of all sizes across multiple sectors around the globe
  • Dedicated account manager from day 1, available 24/7 for all your project needs.
  • We are always upfront with every candidate we supply on project duration's & hours available.
  • Candidates are always paid first thing on a Friday morning, Invoices raised 1 week in arrears to clients, again offering flexible payment terms to our clients
  • Full members of TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement)
  • Achilles registered, we can sponsor all PTS ops for work across the UK'S rail network